Who Am I?

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC)'s themed series - Serene Sunday initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.

I wrote this poem a very long time back. However Serenity is a state of being at peace with yourself. Despite knowing that, all will end well we agitate, over think and emote till we are dry for anymore. I'm no exception to it either, but each time when life takes a toll on, the saint in this picture - Baghavan Sri Ramana Maharishi, his eyes and teachings bring me back to my calm self. I always believed and become calm concentrating on his eyes - 'Eyes are indeed the Gateways to your Soul after all' After reading his book, I wrote the poem below - my take on Serene Sunday.  

In the search of the deepest truth of life
It becomes the search of the very self – ‘I’
Search being worded - ‘Who Am I?’

Of doubts and wants this path drowned
The common man in lust, greed, and pride
The known of individuality of body and soul
Outshone in the face of world

They are not for passions but are exceptions
The great seers sought the self
They enjoyed the reality of the theory
Of individuality of body and soul

In their latent pursuit of the self
The results dawnd before them
The eternal truth of
Life and universe being – GOD

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