A Search !

Walking down the hidden lane, secluded and rugged by arched trees, a sombre light lit the paradise. It was crowned by golden-brown gemstone, a perfect figure poised with raw masculinity that made the flowers and nature go hysterical around him.
Amused she stood there watching her love, while the gentle wind entertained him with the scent of roses. His chocolate brown hair was combed backwards, while the wind was busy her ruffling his hair.
Light played upon his bronzed forehead as they gradually fell into the oceans of vision. Two brown isles; isles where his angel found her love. Eyes which could create or destroy and could pierce even a diamond. Those of richness, two suns dehydrated to brown and let afloat in an ocean frozen white.
Her eyes then rose upon the hollow mountain, a smooth one, battling the air as they rushed in and out. Those gateways of speech, his melting voice which set her thoughts on fire. The lips of Adam like a bow-arched; every contour of those which she already knew, held up by his stubborn jaws. Every time she blushed, the jaws held pride and arrogance. The smooth satin skin stretched over his shallow cheek and square jaws.
His neck bent, searching for his lady; a tiny streak of sweat, golden against light, ran down his neck. Distracted, she heard him hum, as the familiar bliss took over her, for the last time, she stepped into light, her paradise.
She sighed, she knew why; he was yet to know.
As soon as he saw her; she pulled him and embraced. He felt the urgency and tightened his grip. His precious one he held in his hands, he felt her fluttering. Alarmed he looked into her eyes, there was pain, and a silent tear drained his face, she could no longer bear. She kissed him; he jerked away, cupped her face, letting his eyes pierce into her soul, he waited, 


"AnDy I know something is very wrong, say it".
Lost for words, she stared at him, tears crushed her eyes. The wind dimmed the lights around that it was almost but dark. She held him for one last time, kissed him and stepped back. She couldn't bring herself to tell, however she had to do it, she whispered moving away from him, 

"Jay goodbye"

He stretched his arms into emptiness, which paralyzed his senses that refused to believe that she was gone. Heart-broken, he knew this was not going to be forever and AnDy was in trouble. When light dawned on his paradise again, he knew his search had just begun