A Hushed Up Hustler

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Two nude bodies lay entwined, enticingly
Making loveless acts of erotica;
Muted rustles against silky bed linen
Echoed along with gasps of breaths
And Eve’s urgent screams

Her big brown eyes had long forgotten
Love; they dreaded lust that was
Paid and the pain it gave. Aphrodisiac
White port failed to induce the feel;
Finest bouquet smelt pungent.

Her tender supple skin glowed in the
Dark, she cursed her beauty that was
Sold for a price; Two hands groped
Mindlessly, extracting carnal pleasures
From her achy gripe.

As the bloodshot eye looked her,
A well practiced coy smile depicted
Merriment – a stipulation in service.
Finally the tortures that tested her
Skin, her flesh and her emotions ended.

Her eyes wet, she revert back into
Memory lane; a born burden – A
Girl child; traded for a penny,
Silenced by drugs; Serviced for
Yen; an effigy of silent death.

Monies might, beauty slaved,
Love wrecked, handled by
Rich and poor alike; spit upon,
Burnt onto and dug into,
Used and disposed.

She is a prostitute.
Brought and sold for money
Like a commodity unlike a
Human with respect and emotions.

*This poem was written as a submission for an anthology of International poetry - Veils, Halos and Shackles.*

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