Liebster Award, the II

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This is my second Liebster Blog Award and I thank Sivaranjini for nominating me. Since I've already worked on the requirements of this award (here) I'm answering her questions right away!  ( I loved her questions)

Here we go ...

1. Have you seen the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Don’t you think whatever the character Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) did to both the heroines (Kajol, Rani Mukerkji) was the most selfish thing to do? (Let’s just talk about the movie only and not the personal life of the actors) Your thoughts please!

I have not seen the movie, with some help from wikipedia, I'll try answering. Love, friendship and any emotion for that matter, can be judged by the person involved at that particular person living through it. So I cannot comment on it.
2. What’s your take on human rights for rapist?
 I always wonder why does human rights step-in for inhuman acts. Sometimes we need to think beyond Gandhiji's 'An Eye for an Eye' concept, to instill fear in the hearts of wrong-doers.

3. Women have gained freedom long back. But have they been granted that freedom in practice?
 By the books and records Yes! in practice, it is no! As Gandhiji said, only when a woman can walk without a fear of crime at 12 in the night, has freedom been truly achieved. It is reality in Sweden, why not for India then? (some day?!)

4. Do you believe in love at first sight? (Apart from your parents, yes, we all fell in love with them at our first sight, right?  )

Ah, the 'question' is here. I do not believe in love at first sight. A lot more happens than what just meets the eye. A few years before I would have put my hand up in favor, but meeting different persons, I would not prefer that.

5. Would you choose love or friendship when you’re put in such a complex situation?

It is situation based I believe. It would be wrong to specify ground rules, because it is emotions and there can be no fences whatsoever. 

6. Describe love from your point of view. (Exclude the love for your parents, that’s always there, if not then shame on that person!!)

Love is God, however in recent times I see it is also the most manipulated word.
7. Your most favourite food and the most hated food.

 Well there can be only favorite food, mine is subs; there can never be most hated food, so say badly prepared food can only be classified that way.

8. Coffee (Just type what comes into your mind immediately. Please let it be for more than 5 words at least!)

 Coffee reminds me of rainy days, exam days, JK Rowling, hazelnuts and of course F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

9. How can we differentiate between love and other similar feelings like crush, infatuation, and addiction?

 Love includes all of these crush, infatuation, addiction and the like and yet love is something much more than that, it holds respect, trust, understands differences and so on.

10. If you’re made the Prime Minister of India for one month what are the changes that you will bring for the country?

 I would ensure black money is weeded out and slums are eradicated, and scrap ROTE system of learning and introduce a system which more understanding based.

11. Your favourite song

One song is just too difficult to choose, I listen to classical, folk, carnatic, hip hop, electro, trance, dubstep, pop, rock but more or less mood based. So favorite song of one day will change the next time.

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