Re-defining moments - Life of Pi

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I saw Life of Pi very recently; a wonderful and thought-provoking story. It spoke about a lot of things which I consider as important for living. To begin with it spoke about how unpredictable our lives could be. As Pi and his family set sail in the ocean, none of them knew what is to befall them. It showed how everything could change within moments. Each time when one beckons greatness and pride because of materialistic pleasures, they do not realize that everything could change that too at a wink of an eyelid. Adaptability and showing care despite threat of existence was novel. The very fact that, Pi refuses to kill Richard Parker (the tiger), saves him when Richard Parker jumps into the sea and cries over a dead fish shows character in spite of dangers that befell him.

What caught me by surprise was that, even when Pi was undergoing lot of hardships he had faith, and a thought to acknowledge the presence of God. He said "God was obvious to my suffering yet he was watching and gave me hints at the right moment to continue the journey". Usually many do not recognize what they have nor do they learn the lessons from hardships, which make them stronger than before.

Taking a moment to say goodbye, to accept and let go of things, it was so touché. I was awe-struck, because that moment I realized how important gratitude was; how important was a gesture like 'thank you' was. I hit me hard because I did miss a few people without telling them how much they made me life easier and how dear they were. But at that instant I resolved to never repeat it and tell people as the moment passes by. It was yet another defining moment in my life. I also understood that not everyone and everything whom I meet stay with me, they leave, as silently as they came, yet the footprints they leave are the most beautiful ones.

‘In the end – the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.’

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