Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -1)

Chapter - 1:The First Meeting

I was in love with the idea of love. After a rainy evening, the cold breeze and the lonely garden invited me for a walk. Decked with my coat, enchanted with the natures’ note, and abducted by love, I strolled. Clouds entered my ear and puffed out through my lips. Evening hues were cascading underneath a twinkling blanket. Moon torched my path for long when I suddenly realized it was late and dark.

Walking back through the dim lit streets and the crowded beats, I took the silent lane wet after rains. A large puddle came my way. Overjoyed I jumped on it. Water splashed all around. With a kiddish grin I turned. I stumbled upon someone, and I jumped back instantly. I looked at him, his hands were in his pockets, he was stooping and frowning at me but his mouth crooked into a smile seeing me, maybe  because of the expression on my face – I guess .There was something about him which made me feel really nervous. I looked up, lifted my eyebrow when his lips moved suddenly, “Ma’m you splashed water over me”. His voice was deep .I stepped back and looked at him little more keenly; he must have been someone from the war front. He was dressed in casuals, a black tee with 3/4th arms and his bare hands were scarred. On one of his arms was a pullover. He also wore rugged jeans which held clear evidence of water being splashed on him. I jerked my head upwards and observed that he was tanned, with stretched cheeks, thin lips and a nose that could have been carved out from a wax statue. His eyes, however, were hidden beneath the cap he wore. Then I realized he was standing here waiting for me to react. “I’m really sor...” I fumbled, “I’m really sorry. I was in a happy-go-lucky mood, I saw this puddle and jumped on it and could not see you. Of course, I did not; I mean I did not see you coming behind. After wh…”

He smiled. I stopped talking. He said, “Ma’am, no worries”, abruptly crossed me, and melted away into darkness. I did not know back then that it was one of the first meetings of many more to come. As days passed by, my routine claimed its rightful share; meeting the knight had a lingering presence in my mind.

(to be continued) ...

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