This is my very first LIEBSTER Award. I thank Gayathree for it !
Her blog address* -
*WARNING she is a really cool blogger - be prepared to be mind-blown after reading it.

Over to the Rules - 'Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V'ied

#1 Each person must post 11 things about themselves. ( Honesty is the best policy) 
#2 Answer the questions that the tagger set for you  
#3 Choose 11 people and link them in your post. 
#4 Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer. 
#5 Go to their page and tell them. 
#6 No tag backs!
so playing to the tunes here goes rule 1
11 things about me -

  1. Basketball is my passion, however I don't play anymore but I still draw my inspirations and life lessons from the routine and the game.
  2. I am a veg foodie. I believe food changes life for the better with every morsel (my mom is the world's best chef and she is blessed with a daughter who has the finest taste buds)
  3. Google is my best pocket friend, life-savior and blah blah (we all know how important Google is)
  4. I like to complicate things, to a great extent driving people around me go crazy and think about them (because my mom taught me that empty mind is a devil's workshop. Ha!)
  5. I love balloons, bubbles, beach walks. Oh! and also the rain and winters (not those of Chennai! hang on! we never have winters! )
  6. I love playing with light - which brings me to photography. I love clicking anything and everything; significant or not; insects interest me the most (annoy my friends though!)
  7. I'm a person who is straight forward and I like others being that way to me too, I fee it has made my life simple and easy to live and I loathe people who lie.
  8. Nature is my first love !
  9. Music and books are my  immediate-any-time-we-are-there-companions
  10. Sleeping sounds cool, but I hibernate most of the time!
  11. This is my favorite number - ELEVEN!

#1 down #2 to go - Answer the questions that the tagger set for me

1. If you were born a saint, what would your message to the society be?
      God is love! Love all and Hate none! Hurt none!

2. How did you start blogging? 
       I love writing and my friend suggested to start a blog.

3. Why do you think modern poetry is not well-recognized in the world of literature?
       Because of the vastness of modern poets and lack of common platform for all the poets to converse. 

4. If you are to become young again and shape your career afresh, what would you choose to be?
        I would choose to take Vedic studies, and history of India and make a career as in Hindu philosophy.

5. What is the first thing that you would do if you wake up to find yourself (alone) stranded in a uninhabited desert? 
       I would gather twigs and set them on fire for help (or better use my satellite phone [Jurrassic Park influence] to call the Indian government to send people to rescue me. hehe!) and I would look out for water (and yes watch out for snakes! Deserts holds the poisonous snakes! they are many a times starved too! not that am painting a very tough picture but just in case !)

6. What is your take on water conservation?
       Age-old historic figure of 1% might have been half-ed or reduced further by now. If we are still splurging fresh water like how are using them now, oh boy! the future looks grim. Its time we mend taps, stop the dripping and let the cistern problems of broken tanks and bottles remain in math text-books and let those poor kids freak out instead of the whole world realizing their folly very late that nothing could be done.

7. If you are in a powerful position in the government or the UN, what would your reforms be on poverty alleviation?
       I would ensure that all the members of the UN and all the government officials are sent to live in the slums of their countries for a week, without any alterations done to the current slum dwelling of the impoverished and interact with them, live with them in their houses and eat their food and do their daily routine, just for a week. (I actually thought a year would do good, but it might not be practical). The reforms they then enforce would be commendable, I need not tell anything more.

8. If you are born to a terrorist father, can you keep the same composure and non-violence that exists in you now?
       Everyone is composed when they think what they are doing is right! From their point of view they are justified, however gory it might be, because there is always - 'your truth; my truth; and the universal truth'. As for the non violence part, terrorism is a manipulated word and so is violence. Everyone uses violence many times in their lives, through their words and deeds let alone the use of armament. Perhaps I could maintain composure and non-violence; but it might not be the way which the world perceives it to be.

9. If you are secret agent who is appointed with a mission to find the root cause of terrorism, what will be the first thing you will accomplish?

       I would weed out the caste system; re-define what 'TERRORISM' is; and seek to ensure that injustice doesn't prevail. Because injustice makes people who they are not.

10. What is your opinion on the sky being blue? (NON-SCIENTIFIC)
       Lets now assume that God is just above the Universe and universe is the second layer and third comes the sky, which means it the third. Vedic Scriptures says that God is formless and is perceived to be in Violet color (layer 1) then the Universe is Indigo in color being the second layer and Sky being the third layer is blue. then comes the canopy which is green; the gap between the trees and ground is lit by sunlight (yellow and orange) finally all the animals having mobilty have their blood in red (because we see for what people are within and not what they are outside). It is called the COLOR Theory of the VIBGYOR.

11. State one compliment and one criticism about me deserving this liebster blog award.
       You are an amazing writer is the compliment and the criticism! Compliment is because well you know - the obvious. and Criticism - well a awesome writer need not receive any award ! 


 Rule #3 - Choose 11 people and Link them

Well my nominations are 
  1.  Gayatri Venkataraman
  2.  Deepak Raghuraman
  3. Harini Venkataraman
  4. Harikrishna Raghuraman 
  5. Uma Srini
  6. Karthick S 
  7. Ze Asha Joseph 
  8. Sushmitha 
  9. Gayathri Baskaran 
  10. Muthiah Sriram
  11. Venkat Ramakrishnan 
Now its time to ask my question *wicked smiles*
  1. Euthanasia is illegal in India. Do you support it?
  2. East, West, North and South are the directions which have been named so by man for convenience; If given a chance to change what will you change it to?
  3. Will social media interactions replace personal contact in the future?
  4.  If you could talk with one author/poet/writer/photographer/cook (any one) who would it be?
  5. Why do you blog?
  6. Is sarcasm healthy?
  7. Does the dress one wears, music they listen to, people they hangout with etc etc, define what their character is?
  8. What is the most beautiful place on earth?
  9. What will your super-power be, if you were in a position to accquire just one super power?
  10. Which is the best place to be in Chennai and at what time, season is it?
  11. What do you think Chennai is best for?
That Brings me to the enddd !!!

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