B for Basketball

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Ah yes, basketball is not an obvious part of nature and moreover human found the sport over the decades for entertainment. But somewhere I want to think this is an exception, because exceptions are good and healthy.
B for Basketball for it is my passion, something which I hold so close to my heart. I believe it teaches us life lessons, always and although. I was a player, a follower of the sport, it taught me lessons that were not found in any other books or classes; gave me experiences to ponder about; made life much simpler by de-codifying nuances of art of living. For those who are new to the sport, I would ask you look at Wikipedia to know more about the sport. 
Basketball taught me how to focus, without focus, one cannot play and neither can anyone succeed without zeroing in and concentrating on work. The game taught me how to streamline energy and emotions towards a goal – a channelized behavior; just as a player needs to specialize playing a particular position suited to their skills, be it pivot, ball-handler etc. Most important of all, it taught me team management, how to play as a team, contribute using individual skills and make others play, their best in the process. I'm here very very glad to say that we, as a team, sailed through many challenges, struck together and working hard, finally we did make an impact. Yet another important thought it gave me was that, winning or losing is not the point; giving the best and enjoying the moment was far more important, because when we give our best, success comes on its own. It would be wrong to say My team or I did them all, because we didn't. nothing would have been possible without our coach, the guide who helped us and make us who we are today. I feel it teaches us the importance of 'Guru' in our life and our pursuits.  

I can ramble all day, on and on about the sport. Yet here I stop, all I want to say is, any sport or profession teaches us many life lessons; it is good to realize them and adapt them into our lifestyle.

That's for B today
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