C for Clouds

(This post is a part of A-Z April Blogging Challenge, my theme is Mother Nature.)

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Everyone gets a fair share of a bad day; I was facing the heat too. It was one such day for me in college. It was the time when we were organizing a departmental fest. We were looking at a complete change of the genre of events from the previous years; which was causing some doubts and questions in the minds of the professors who were in charge of the event. I was losing my patience as endless volleys of questions were being thrown at our team, deliberating over every little detail. Even though it was a good thing, it felt like our team was in the court and on a murder trial. My head was throbbing very badly and at the next given opportunity I slipped out to the canteen. Grabbing a cup of coffee, I sat and was gazing up at the sky, agitated and frustrated. It was a breezy afternoon with clouds brushing the horizon. I was always fascinated by clouds. Even as I was looking, winds were tossing the her, here and there, I could empathize, that thought made me chuckle to myself. I didn’t realize the next few moments could be so crucial to my life. I saw the clouds gather into a figure of someone standing with their hands out-stretched, an epitome of kindness, Jesus Christ. After a few seconds, they dramatically re-shuffled into a pouncing lion. I smiled and thanked the moment, Nature was such a powerful force, yet she took time to attend to individual needs. I learnt a valuable lesson that instant.

“I saw the winds to be the situations that toss and turn us. If we are like the clouds, dynamic to adapt and willing to mould ourselves then living becomes easy. However, willing to mould needs to be used with a little assertion, one needs to be like Jesus Christ, shower kindness on everyone. However if situations are going to exploit that, then it is good to become a pouncing lion. They also showed that, resisting change can never be helpful, because winds takes you to places – places that could make you experienced and wise. Also lighter the clouds, easier they can be shifted and adapted, heavy clouds, usually get stagnated and pours down. Similarly, when you are eager to learn and not a slave to emotions and attachments, there is no end to what you can learn and achieve.”

As I finished my coffee, I felt regenerated and all set to take up the task. I went back our discussions room, with a grin plastered across my face and beaming. The fest went ahead smoothly, and it was a grand success fighting against all the odds. 

That is my call for C today
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