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I recently read about eagles; fascinating creatures they are – sharp talons, strong wings, able body and keen eyesight that are designed so perfectly to suit a predator’s lifestyle. They also occupy a predominant position in Hindu mythology - eagle or Garuda is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Mahavishnu, the bird with an with immense strength; it is said that Lord Garuda’s one feather can hold up the whole earth.

Lord Mahavishnu with his consorts on Garuda
Painting by Ravi Varma
Source - Internet

It is interesting to see them hunt; they spot their prey from such a great distance, hover around them and strike them when the moment is perfect. Even when they are flying high up, they never seem to lost track of their prey, highly focused on its intent. One more interesting behavior of an eagle is that after they get their prey, despite food found in plenty, other eagles try to steal each other’s food. Survival of the fittest, it is.

Bewildered by these beautiful Aves, I dreamt about them where I was talking to an eagle and lo! It was replying too. She said, “If you sapiens follow your dreams like how we hunt, then you will definitely succeed. I often find so many failing to understand the art of keeping up to their goals and some more who strike at the wrong time, or strike the wrong prey; their goals are not worthy enough or too over sized.”

“We are taught to dream big, so how can you possibly justify yourself when you say our goals are too over-sized? You guys also prey huge animals like deer, wolves etc?” I questioned her

She chuckled. “We don’t hastily jump into hunting huge animals, we start small and hunt bigger animals on the go; it is exactly what I’m telling, dreaming big is never wrong but you need to climb up the ladder, steadily. And also protect your scoop, from other greedy people around you, who are waiting to steal your chance once you doze off. Just like my fellow-eagles, who try and steal my prey after I hunt, after all easy food is what everyone dreams of”

Before I could come up with another query, the alarm went off. Bam! I was wide awake. How I wish the eagle would have left saying, "This is where I leave you! Now you are in safe hands, stay safe and think about what I told you” and I realized, I was no Harry Potter and the eagle was no centaur. :P

That is for E.

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