F for Fossils

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Fossils – the remains of the dead. The skeletons of insects, animals, and plants and the like, that have been buried for a very long period of time, making them succumb under pressure and only a few are preserved in the process. It takes eons and a lot of work for a fossil to form; similarly it is not easy to find a fossil either. Going by this, they are rare to be found, and a source of rich information about species and life of previous centuries or millennia. A paleontologist works with fossils, to make the profession more familiar, it is what Dr. Ross Geller does in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

Dr. Ross Geller
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They give wonderful life lessons, they are rare to be formed, and they leave a trace in the sands of time. A trace that could make all the difference to the existing knowledge can completely change a thought or add a different branch to an existing idea. Similarly, whatever we do leaves traces behind. It is the good ones that stay, get buried and succumb to all the testing put forth, and only the best emerge out and become useful to the world. History speaks about such men who left an impact, Gandhiji, Albert Einstein and many more. It is never late to have an impact.

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