G for Garden

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Everyone must have grown a garden at some point of time in their lives. If you haven’t then please do it sometime, for you’ll realize that it is a source of immense joy and pleasure. Every day as the first rays of sun streaks across the window, a pair of first leaves peak out, a flower blossoms, and yet another starts turning into a fruit, a leaf starts to wilt, and somewhere unseen, roots grow, water and minerals get absorbed. A lot of activates happen. But these are same irrespective where ever a plant grows, then what makes a garden special? 

It can be controlled, we can choose which plant is planted and which seed is sown, guide them with sticks and ropes; give them an ambience that is well suited for growing; supplementary nutrients are fed to the soil. The insects are taken down, weeds are weeded out. Growing a garden is not easy, but not hard either; it just needs the right effort, planning, patience and know-how of plants. Many a times, even a casual glance at them gives joy to your heart, fruits and flowers are added surprises that hit you almost every now and then.

A home garden
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Garden resembles our life, if only we realize, we have control on what happens in our life just like the plants and seeds. They can be supported and sustained, just like how we provide supports for little plants and fertilize them. Similar to a green-house, we have opportunities to grow our skills, nurture our seeds and plants. We will encounter weeds that feed on the inputs given, thoughts that could curb your growth if not taken out at the earliest. Everything is our choice and decision, what to choose, what to learn, where and what to get involved with. Many a times just like certain plants cannot be grown together; we need to identify what activities goes in with who we are and what we do. Planning can be useful, but only planning is futile; we need go out and have some fun, make right choices, and learn from those that have gone bad. Finally, we must count our blessings and take it in our stride on what comes in our way  because rain and sun both are needed for a plant to grow; only rain is just as bad as all sun, neither helps growth.

In the end, we smile at the harvest.

That brings us to G

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