H for Healing centre / Hospitals

(This post is a part of A-Z April Blogging Challenge, my theme is Mother Nature.)

Healing center is a place that heals a broken soul, a broken mind, a broken heart (figuratively and literally), and a broken body (tissues/ bones/ ailments). Healing comes in only after a trauma, a disturbance to what was happening. Nature is a stress-buster, a pain reliever; she has the mountains and hills to calm, a lake and a pool to wade through; a river and a path to move on; a climber and vine to soar up; animals and birds to energize; and finally men to enjoy. Despite all of these, nature has time to her favor – a best healer. Give everything some time and they will fall in place. Just some time.

Nature at her best
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Yet another thought is – Hospitals, a place where physical ailments are cured. Hospital could be considered a part of nature because; it is the effect of a cause initiated by Nature herself. Sometimes a close shave with death or a long stay at the hospital can make people turn over a new leaf. Do you remember the last time you went to a hospital and came back with deep thoughts? We see agony/pain through the persons who suffer, which is never justified. Somehow many a times, these victims change after enduring the trauma. They become more responsive to emotions and feelings; they change and try to be a better person. Perhaps a visit of brutal reality changes them? Or it is an impact of the medicines and the beep-beep’s? We never know.

That’s the reason why a hospital is white? It propagates to hold peace within; to get their dirt off and effect a transformation.

Hospital sign
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