I for Ice

(This post is a part of A-Z April Blogging Challenge, my theme is Mother Nature.)

One of my favourite hobby as  kid was be to fill the ice tray with water, trouble the water by checking it so much that it can never turn into ice, until my mom forbids me to go near the refrigerator anymore. Then I would still sneak in after sometime and find that they have finally become ice. Twist and all the ice tumbles down. I used to take one or two of them, run to our backyard and throw them forcefully on ground. Because of the heat and the force it will break and scatter. Within a matter of minutes, it would melt and evaporate. It used to be so beautiful to look at. They make wonderful patterns as they break. Once I walked upon those melting beauties, then reality struck. I cut myself. It was rather a shallow one, a broken piece pierced and melted away. 

Fire and Ice
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Thinking back about that incident, I realized that people whom we encounter are like water. They sometimes they become ice under pressure or an emotional trauma that they are put through - they harden. No love (or no heat as in the case of water)  makes them become cold and emotionless. They feel no remorse even as they zap through other’s emotions. We find many people being mean and cruel towards others, we often wonder why; sometimes looking beyond the apparent reactions proves healthy. However, a little love, can make the person realize who they are; just like a little heat can make ice become water again.
Love all, for it makes the world move on! Everyone and everything can be changed with love. Plants grow faster, molecules bond better and stronger with caring words spoken to them. Such is the power of love.

*Disclaimer – Love here includes all forms and kinds of love that brings joy to others; it definitely doesn’t include actions of a few who claim to ‘love’ but hurt others (pretty knowingly) for eternity.*

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