J for Jackfruit

(This post is a part of A-Z April Blogging Challenge, my theme is Mother Nature.)

Everyone is familiar with a jackfruit, a yummy yummy fruit. It has the honor of being one of the ‘muk-kanni’ in Tamil. They are the three most famous and well known fruits namely – ‘Maa (mango), Pala (jackfruit) and Vazhai (banana)’. With all that said, it is pretty much obvious that jackfruit is one of the favorites of people here. A huge fruit that hands from a tiny stalk with a prickly outer and a soft sweet flesh inside, the fruit is an irony in itself – big body but a small stalk; prickly outer and a yummy flesh.

Jack-fruits in a tree
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Each time I look at the tree, I think it speaks to me. It says ‘Never judge a person on how fragile they seem to be, you never know what they can hold/holding. My stem supports the fruit, huge fruit.’ The jackfruit says, ‘everyone has a very sweet and adorable character. It just needs the right hands and technique and time to notice’ It made me smile, indeed everyone is a gem.

I for Ice it was click to read.

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