K for Kitchen

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A kitchen
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Kitchen, well it is not a part of nature you might think. But think about this; kitchen is a place where ingredients become ‘food’. Kitchen is not just limited to a place in our house, anywhere food is made - is a kitchen. A plant is a kitchen; heating raw meat over fire for survival in a jungle is a kitchen; when you make sandwich on the go it is a kitchen; the aroma they calls you into a McDonalds or KFC is a kitchen; Subways are dry kitchens; while otherwise we have wet and dry kitchens. Kitchen is a place which facilitates transformation from what is it to what is edible. It sometimes changes forms, otherwise just remains the same, change happens from within because of heat or any other reason. It requires skill to make the change effective. This whole procedure is what we call ‘COOKING’; an art that sustains human life. It requires know how and timing is important, if not what we are left with is dead burnt food or well ‘I-simply-cannot-taste-this-food’.

So kitchens helps the ingredients to change into food; similarly we also encounter a lot of places like ‘kitchens’ which transforms us, put us through all the pains so that we gain one day. We have the figurative forms of egg beaters, knives, rolling pin, dough making process, pushed-onto-the-hot-pan moment, covered under the lid times, taste-stealers, salt-less moments, the list is just too long. All these radiates a change within us, they define us and finally what comes to the table is the finest delicacy. Life comes with changes all through, only those who adapt survive, if not you are simply let out to dry and rot away.

Make a choice. Make a living.

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