M for Mountains

There are lots and lots of mountains around the world. They are epitomes of beauty and paradise. They sustain wildlife, rare spicies, a lot more. There is a particular town in Tamilnadu which holds a special mountain, that mountain holds mysteries that are unfathomable by human beings.
The town is called - Tiruvannamalai.

G-Maps - Tiruvannamalai
This town has one of the most famous temples of Lord Shiva - Arunachaleswara Temple. Here, fire form of the Lord is worshiped, other forms being
This place has a lot of siddas living there, usually they cannot be distinguised from common man, a few of those people are Ramana Maharishi, Seshadri Swamigal, etc.

It is one of my favourite place to be in - peaceful and serene. The mountain is considered to be the Lingam (worshiping form of Lord Shiva) and people circle around the mountain, which is called as GIRIVALAM, 'giri' means mountain and 'valam' means circling it.

I could talk all day about this place. For now this is it. After the challenge I would post about it

Here are a few snaps of the mountain taken during a rainy season

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