N for Noon and Night

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The modified Yin-Yang
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Struck up with exams, I was wondering what to put up for N. I remember my friend's post on NELI CRUSH. I was wondering what to write for N, I'm already very late so I thought I would writie about the first thing that comes to my mind. N for Night, I already had a faint idea about it, now another flashed in a *light bulb moment* N for Noon too. I thought it was yet another Yin-Yang of nature. Complete heat in the noon is offset by the cold in the night, day-light becomes darkness. Every light has darkness. So I thought.

Everything that occurs in nature happens in a balance. For every pro there is a con. It is this stability that balances nature

We have Day and Night;

Right and Left;

Good and Bad;

Hot and Cold;

Light and Dark;

Smile and Sorrow;

Laughter and Tear;

Poison and Medicine;

Sound and Silence;

Love and Apathy;

Man and Woman;

Life and Death;

White and Black;

However the beauty of nature is that there is a black for every white and there are also greys which are complementing each other. The ultimate result is thus nullity. Nature strikes a balance in everything!

Remember a tear of sorrow shed today will eventually turn into a tear of happiness tomorrow. A cease of worry will soon smoothen out and peace would prevail. Everything needs time, just some time; for everything in nature is balanced. This balance is eternal.

Nature teaches us to have a balanced outlook, to remain calm as life goes on. Because everything will eventually turn out to be just right, when we understand what really happened we would realize - everything that happened ultimately struck equilibrium.
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