A metamorphosis

When I turned and looked back at life, suddenly I felt I had become someone whom I never wanted to be. Things had to slow down, I quit Facebook, I did not blog, or keep in touch with most of my friends, incidentally fell sick and had a date with my bed; I went inside a cocoon – a metamorphosis perhaps.  I started to look back. I questioned. Turned inward.  Endless questions flooded my heart.
Everything had coughed up into one big mess, endlessly tangled. As I looked at the mirror, I found someone staring back at me, a stranger whom I once knew.

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A few quotes helped me to get back on the path.

‘There are two greatest tragedies in life, not getting what you desire and the other is getting what you desired’

If something did not happen, it was for a good reason. Because missing out is smaller tragedy than getting our desire and realize the folly and then follows the pain of living with it – the greater tragedy. I started to look at the past differently, all for good – it dawned.

‘Life comes with scales, compass dials, and pointers; however they are never accurate enough to make a decision,’

Judging a person is perhaps the easiest thing to do and by far the greatest sin ever committed, especially when those beliefs continue to live. It may be completely wrong, because perspectives were lost when conclusions were arrived at. A few wrong decisions because of inaccurate pointers could cost so much, I never knew.

Going on an Odyssey was easy, but the impact was grave because boundaries were not clear. While some queries were answered and a few things were set right, I just hope that these realizations were not too late.