Choices - Irony? Paradox?

Often while listening to a song many thoughts strike you, could be or could be not about what the song is based on - so that’s pretty much my light-bulb moment for this post.Oh! it is very much based on the song - Talyor Swift's I knew you were trouble.

Someone once said ‘If you do not find a path, make one and set a trail’. Ultimately life is all about making choices and living them. Yet it is easy to ramble about making choices, but to actually live through one is penance. Major choices by the individual starts young, universities, courses, friends, what kind of person you are, finding love, trusting people, getting into a relationship, and the ball is set moving throughout. Most often those choices we make come with a price to pay; it is this part that is plays havoc. ALWAYS.

This was the song that set me thinking.
Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble

Well, at any point of time a choice could be changed and made ‘good’ if that is what it takes. But they leave a scar. We encounter so many people with similar stories, a trend perhaps - Friend back stab; problems with the ones you trust that most; being cheated upon; people change for good; or sometimes just choosing the wrong choice. Something as simple as a brief encounter with someone could  have these beautiful ways to leave footprints on our lives, however short it might be. What we take from it is again our choice, the good memories or the quitting part. 

Many a times, we are pushed to a stage in life where we do not have the luxury of choices. Either because we turn a blind-eye to the situation on hand; or being kept blind-folded; or being too high when choices actually existed. It is kind of ironic to talk about them now, but somewhere I think being option-less is price to pay for making certain choices.

In this earth, it is pretty easy to get hurt, mess up things, to get life complicated. But somewhere amidst all that, we would have actually felt at least for a shorrt span of time that we did belong there at those moments, we did find someone whom we could connect with so much, a friend, or a love. However later we have regrets, the most difficult one being ‘love you’ becoming an oxymoron. Yet I guess it is the journey that matters after all. Because getting hurt is the way of nature to tutor human heart, perhaps.

A mantra that sets things moving, ‘whatever happens life must go on’ what I want to add to it is, ‘if that is the case, why not be happy, smile and make more choices(mistakes) on the way.’

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