In Six Words; My Life. Thus.

As a part of our CBC’s (Chennai Bloggers Club) 6-word memoir tag, I need to summarize my life in just six words. CBC, a group in Facebook, where bloggers from Chennai get to interact and discuss and share their blogs. A very active community with a lot of people converging from varied walks and tastes of life.

Six Letters Sums it all? Ofcourse!

Sankey Road, Banglore.
My click
Does it really summarize ? Well, yeah according to me. DO leave in your thoughts in the comments section. 

*Backdrop events*

Gets the 'Baton' from Sunder Rajan who blogs @ Sunderslate. I must say, he is an amazing blogger and his last post left me quite speech-less! Check his blog and you'll know why!

Jogs with the baton the whole and at exact 00:00 AM June 3rd, which you will not be able to witness. I pass on the baton to Karthik. He is a wonderful blogger who writes stories and definitely someone who loves to experiment various genre and styles of writing. He blogs @ urbuddypk

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