I Saw, I Learnt.

Sometimes it is not people or things that helps you get the most out of life, but it is sports and games and all those little moments that comes with it.
This is a dedication to all the Basketball reminiscence ..

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For every Ritualistic morning run that marks the non-stop fun. To every dual matches. For every off court moment spent thinking about that moment on the court. To all the love that place holds for its players. For all blushes that streaked across. For the laugh we gathered. For every sweat that dribbled. For MY team.

Toss the ball, focus is on;
Time goes ting-tong;
Every movement, every thought, every second
Action, tension;
Cheers for the leaders;

Steps go tricky;
Words become techy;
Defend from a steal,
Shoot with zeal,
Foul with the feel;
Bang! Comes a rebound;
Whoosh! Goes a fast-break;

Timeouts, half-time clocks in;
Months of practice
Years of experience,
Lights up the last few moments;
The joy in mind, surroundings goes blind;

The time is over;
Everything is finally reaped;
For winners its party;
For runners, the game
Was their teacher.

For the feel to be on court could be the best gift every match can offer,
From my team I learnt – togetherness,
From the fitness sessions I learnt – worth of hard work,
From Basketball I learnt patience,
I learnt friendship,
I learnt love,
I learnt life!

To the times I thought it’ll never be,
For however it happened,
The memories and lessons comes handy,
For the best teacher is not the one who taught me then,
But also for the future…


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