G for GO Happy Kid

Day#4 of the VIBGYOR CBC challenge.

G for Green.

“Akrith! Lights out in ten.” His mom called out.

The eight year old looked up from his drawing book, curly hair tossled with jerk. Tall and skinny kid, pouted and resumed sketching. His artistic skills were growing day by day; he drew a picture of his mom dad and himself. Everyone were smiling back at him.

He then heard his mother coming in, “Akrith! Go and sleep! NOW!” she commanded

She did not even wait to see his reaction or the beautiful sketch he was working on. He silently closed his book, brushed his teeth, and got under covers. A silent tear dribbled across his cheek, his pillows dutifully collected them.

“God! Why?” He thought. It has been weeks since the first fight broke out at his home between his parents. They were perfect for each other he thought. He continued to hear loud voices from outside the door.

The door clicked open, his dad walked in swiftly. He planted a quick kiss on his son’s forehead, turned off the light, and walked away. Akrith tossed and turned in his bed. He knew something was terribly wrong between them. He feared if everything might change. He barely slept. His pillows alone knew his sobs.

School just started a week before; he became further restless. Over the days, he pages remained blank. Soon his teachers didn’t reach out to his problems, but further added to them. He was branded an under performer. Empty pages, fickle mind, and innocent tears couldn’t serve a map to his little heart.

Few more days went this way, until one fine day he swooned in the class.

Sirens flared, and wheels rolled him to a hospital.

Jolted with shock, his parents rushed to endure the results of their folly.

The doctors had vacant expressions for them.


Green Ribbon is associated with Childhood depression, especially for those who handle even glass with lots of care but not a child’s heart. 
*This post is a part of VIBGYOR Challenge - Day#4 - Green

V for Violet
I for Indigo
B for Brown

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