Indigo for Independence

Done with Violet, here we come to day two of the Chennai Blogger's Club's VIBGYOR challenge. Indigo it is! 

Recently, I attended a lecture where they questioned about the Indian history; many including me didn’t know much about it. This post on Indigo is predictably dedicated to our Indian history; to those freedom fighters who bravely stood up, embracing peace and winning THE weapon-less battle.

The Indigo revolt it is. Farmers were forced to cultivate commercially ‘profitable’ indigo over the staple food. Cold-heartedness does not end here. The farmers were paid peanuts compared to what the indigo planters earned.

Such an incident in the current day would lure the cartoonists to draw a huge pot-bellied man, wearing an ill-fitted suit. He would rest on an easy chair and crushing the farmers with his boot foot. He would be puffing a cigar, and his big belly would be like cash bags, blue-dyed and the farmers black eyed.


Well, back to the olden days. There was then a revolt called the ‘INDIGO REVOLT’, the very first of the non-violent revolution, around the year 1859. Plants were burned down and farmers who stood up were shot down. Yes! We lost men as always, but it later became what Gandhiji adopted to lead us to get what we have today.
Indigo all the way to independence!
*Freed from foreigners, yet a captive at native*

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