Last Minute diaries: Moments away from closing jaws of Social Media

Social media, staying connected always, and all through - the life of unfortunate teens since 2003. Yet the flip side of the graph shows a lot more that can happen over social network interaction. We get to share photos, thoughts, videos, and talk over the screen. Everything happens over seconds, the screen seal the emotions into a graveyard. Brick faced ideologies is what they are exposed to. Short letters, shorter lives, big bills and bigger bellies. What is happening to all the young kids around the world?

The next generation, information overload and knowledge takes an over-kill. World stops with a ‘Ctrl+C’ and ‘Ctrl+V’. Low becomes the new high. ‘Been there done that’ becomes the new mantra. Then the ‘WHY?’ never has it.

Source: Internet

Will I be right to compare the slow death of letters, at the advent of telephones? Will I be justified to think personal communication has lost its relevance in the current world? Will I make sense if I say virtual popularity and social depression, two sides of the same coin? Will technology take over us entirely and will I actually be witnessing the movie terminator in real life? Will social media rule over the little kid’s hearts? Is Mark Zuckerberg’s invention actually a trap that we pulled upon ourselves?

I wonder WHY!