What if?

I was talking with a friend, when the conversation suddenly took a turn and we ended up or rather I ended up talking about phoenix, and went on wondering about how many birthdays they have, an immortal life, but not persistent, it is just perfect isn’t it? Probably any day would be the birthday of the phoenix, it could have cakes, and occasions would actually be all through the year! Suddenly another thought struck me, it is same for the souls too right? I mean any day could be my birthday in some xyz pervious birth; this was a source of newfound energy!

Then I went to think about it further, what if east was not east, what if it was west? What if it was anything else? What if my name wasn’t my name in reality? What if it was something different? What if it there was no name? What if everything we know aren’t the way we seem to know it? What if uncertain actually means being certain and certain is actually uncertain? What if gold is valueless and currencies are not even worth the paper they are made? What if everything was made up? What if someone bursts the bubble all of the sudden? What if we accept the reality when they tend to change? What if we question all the hard core belief of everything? What if the earth, which we see as three dimensional, be something different in reality? What if we have already lived this life a zillion times and we will live it a zillion more times? What if this exact life is re-lived each time a new universe id created and we are just not aware? What if we discover the unimaginable and then it is just the reality but not the way we seem to have believed in it to be? What will happen if I change a thought? What if one thought could change the world? What if someone said everything is not pre ordained and performs certain acts only to realize it is already pre decided and has to be that way? What if everything you know is nothing before what ifs? What if God’s come to reveal themselves?

What if...

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