Brittle parchment

He went into her room, over the years nothing changed, he had missed her fragrance. Her writings were strewn all over the place, a freshly written parchment read,

*It just took moments to be there again, they thought I know not about love. They know not about you. Each time I wish to seek the like, I wish it was you.  I pull back and leave,  I seek similarities. I seek you in them. It's killing me from within because I know that you know, yet you seek me not. A lot of things changed, yes it's disheartening. Many tell that you are toxic.  I want to care not.  I trust myself, I wouldn't.*

When the door knob clicked open,  it whispered to her that the second key had been used,  walking in she looked around and saw a blotch on her freshly written parchment. Another tear couldn't glue the broken hearts together.