Qualms from a Patriot

I stand in a land where diversity is the boss,  not just people and their personalities but the attire, their palates,  their culture,  the land masses anything and everything.  Having a touch of many but hold of none; Jack of all trades but master of none.

I stand in the sub-continent, the search of great travellers, explorers,  philosophers of yester-years. The land of riches beyond imagination. The land of many legacies,  cradles of scientific education, the land of greatest epics of the world, yet secular in all aspects.

With so much to it,  I stand lost to thoughts of misused and exploited variety of current reality.  Sometimes for very brief moments I wish, I really do wish that these varieties cinder to uniformity; to unity; to spearhead an almost lost momentum of progression. Hardcore belief like that of iron-heads, solid,  sharp,  and perhaps even ruthless, guided by ambitions that the world is yet to see.
Afterall we are those who were guided by Gandhi,  Vivekananda, Ashoka the great and not to miss Chanayaka.

Could uniformity be a solution to a varied reality??

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