A Miracle

NaPoWriMo Project
(Poem: 1/30)


A miracle is all i ask for,
Not for a sun at mid-night; but a sun on a rainy day;
Not for a candle at a mountain top; but for a candle on a blackout night;
Not for a wish under a falling star but a wish while blowing my birthday cake.

Miracles I call them, not because they are rare,
But because they are essential for hope, 
To continue the journey with a smile.
Yet I miracles they are, as tough and as rare as you are.

Nevertheless, destiny cakes a path.
A journey to land of all dreams.
Delusional it might seem but
Living an irony, I flee from miracles
And the pangs it leaves me with.

I would rather reach the land of mid-night sun;
Carve out a moon at the mountain top;
Live under a falling star.
Miracles is all I ask for.

@ Marina : Miracle is all I ask for ...

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