Basketball Buddies

NaPoWriMo Project

(Poem: 7/30)

Basketball bonded us together
Friendship is keeping us together
Ah! So many good times we are having together

Angels to our parents
Aggressive on the court
Violent amongst ourselves
That’s how we are!

Through ups n’ downs
Chills & thrills we
Travel unstaggered

By each going day we learn
To use less ‘I’ more ‘WE’
To live life as it comes
To relish the worth of friendship
To forget & forgive
To help & teach
To play & teach

Shoulder to shoulder we walk
Laughing over the silliest of jokes
Pondering about ways to enjoy life
Challenging our lives together
And witnessing how people can fall
Because of wind!!!

Thank you God for making
Me a part of them
Thank you God for making

Us understand friendship & life!!! 


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