NaPoWriMo Project

(Poem: 11/30)


Late night snooze with a silent touch of random melodies
Maybe it is the music
Maybe it is the words
Maybe it is both the music and the words;
Or maybe it is the lies that lie beneath.
Maybe it is because of the night

Night’s when people are brutally honest
Rare and bare ;
Their un-tame childlike thoughts
Flow like a spring;
All at their significant best,
A thief is a thief doing his chores
A security guard blowing across the doors,
All when everyone sleeps.

Everyone gapes at myths wide-eyed
And sleeping off over facts.
They believe love is the world
They believe caring is bliss
They believe all joy to stay and safe.
They believe everything gets better

But nothing does;
Nobody tells us.
All the pain,
All the hurt,
All the careless words,
All the last hugs
All the last kisses,
All the tears
All the memories
They never wane.

Nothing changes,
The broken hearts,
The broken vows,
The broken lives,
The broken friendships,
The broken words,
The heartaches
The bruised mind,
Everything lays bare at night
And all day
And all night
And all day

People simply sleep
With eyes open.
That is why I like the night and
The melodies because
It is the only one lying,
People sleep for real,
During day.
You know.
Ain’t life fun !? 

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