Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -5)

Chapter 5 - The Wedding

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In the month that passed thus, Julie and I had made good deals at business. Ellen’s marriage was finally fixed; it was to happen on next Sunday in our local Church. My life was now extremely busy, shopping with Julie, and planning for the wedding. I got the rings. The rings were platinum studded with blue diamond. We finalized on her dress. Ellen was sent to live with Jeffrey and I went over to Julie’s. I was having the time of my life. The laughter, noise and the happiness was boundless. Nervousness started wreaking Ellen and Julie as the marriage date closed in. We started rehearsing for the day.

The morning arrived; the church was decorated with purple and yellow flowers that blended with the filtering sunlight. Julie’s frail frame was draped in peach wedding gown. Ellen stuck with his usual black tuxedo, guys don’t get much of a choice do they? Jeffrey walked down the aisle with Julie. I involved Jeff into the wedding so that he wouldn’t consider leaving before the wedding. I was the maid of honor. The wedding gown and the woman wearing it caught Ellen by surprise; all along, he thought he was hallucinating. The choir sang Ellen’s own composition for Julie, Julie’s eyes were moist. After the walk down the aisle, they exchanged vows, slid rings in each other’s finger; they were proclaimed man and wife, Ellen and Julie Parker, the Parkers. It was the talk of the town, perhaps the best wedding that had ever taken place in our town. The songs and feast started. Jeff proposed a toast for Ellen and Julie. It was the best day by far. The morning slid into the hectic evening. Preparations for the party were in full volume. Extravagant dresses were taken off the hangers. Love was in the air; however, irony was to strike me soon, if only I had guessed it.

 I couldn’t find Jeff in the party that evening. I could listen to my heartbeat thundering. It took me half an hour to find him. I was rally high and was jumping all along. He called me and pulled me to a corner, no one was around, and the lighting was really dim. He looked alert, his voice was however low and bleak.

“Cathy, look at me.” and lifted my chin up with his finger, there was a tiny scar there too. I looked at him and with the intensity; he held in his eyes, I knew he was going to leave.

I put my finger on his lips and said “Don’t ever think of leaving without me. We’ll leave together.” He was startled and stepped back. It was always my autosuggestion.

“No little one, I’m on duty from tomorrow, I can’t stay anymore. You can’t come with me.” he said that with undue firmness, numbness started spreading through me. I caught him for balance and supported myself on the wall.

“Jeff what are talking? You really think I’ll be able to survive that? I know when you leave its going to be permanent, before that, I want to realize this. I love you Jeff, I can’t imagine a life without you.” His features remained unchanged and without a second thought, I asked him “Look into my eyes and answer me, did you ever love me?”

He looked up at me, with abrupt grimness seizing his face, “Catherine Roger, I never loved you”.

I stood stunned, frozen. He pushed himself away from my reach and left. I could feel all arms and legs. I managed to walk up near Julie and the last thing I saw was her beautiful face and blurted, “Jeff left. Forever”. And I swooned.

 (to be continued)

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