Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -7)

Chapter 7 - The Wait
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I checked into a small local inn. It was a fine town. I had work for a week or more there. I was looking out for mansions that need to be re-furbished. It took me three days to get to know the people and learn their tastes. I was wandering in the market area on a bright summer noon.
I soon realized someone was tailing me; my mind zoomed from all possibilities. Right from a virtual hand-to-hand dual to the pepper spray that lay in my apartment in my town. I turned to face the reality, boldly. It was an old woman, in her mid sixties. She looked at me with awe, I tried to remember who she was but wasn’t able to recollect. She seemed really familiar. Then I realized, her eyes were amber, pain hit me because it was same tone as Jeffrey’s. I didn’t want to confront her, so I turned to leave. When she caught my hand and requested me to follow her. She was old yet a strong woman. She was walking really fast for her age. I followed her with caution, trying to remember the route and signs.
She turned and went into a big mansion, I made a mental note, and I never knew it existed. I thought maybe she wanted me to help her out with her house. I felt calm spread through me, only for a minute though. I soon realized that this mansion belonged to the Frosts. Frost & amber eyed woman. I stopped her and asked,
“Ma’am, sorry but can I know as to where are you going? Are you Mrs. Frost? What do you want from me?”
She was really calm, took my hand in hers, and said, “Cathy, you won’t know me, but I know you. I am Gavin Frost. I’ll answer all your questions but please come with me; I want to show you something. It could possibly change your life forever”
“Cathy? She knew me? How? Change?” I wondered, aroused with curiosity, I followed her. She didn’t enter her house instead went into a place which could be a hideout, it emitted aurora of sadness even from a distance.
On the door was inscribed, Jeffrey Frost. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, all I know was I wanted to see him, Jeff.
I stopped, she turned smiled and took my hands and lead me into the dark room. Light was turned on. The room was plastered with my pictures; mine alone, or Jeff will be there in them. There was some of the paper cutting that featured an article about me. There was also a pile of neatly sealed envelopes and other side was a cluster of crumpled papers. Tears started flowing from my eyes, Jeffrey had written them, and all of those letters were written to me but were never posted. The crumpled papers had letters which instructed me to go on with my life marry another man, the ink had smudged, he CRIED while writing them? I was shocked. In the neat sealed envelopes had letters that told that he loves me, had beautiful poems written and finally asked me to come for him the moment the letter touched my hands. I turned to Mrs. Frost, she smiled and said, “This is Jeff’s place, a secret place or so do I call it, he never showed any feelings outside. But in this room, it is all his emotions, plastered all over, sadness, and depression as I could feel it. And by the way ,I am Jeff’s ..”
“Mother” I completed. After talking with Mrs. Frost I came to know that Jeff was on a 2-day trip to a near-by town and that he’ll come home by that evening. I toured his house, the place where he grew up. He never mentioned about his early life to me. His dad was Edward Frost. After the tea with the charming couple, I returned to the hideout or Jeff’s emotional siege room, as they call it. Jeff had never known that they had access to this place or has seen it. They knew about his temper, especially when it is something so sensitive.

I felt that my heart would burst with joy, he loved me, and I’m going to meet him, today. I was reading his letters one by one, he asked me to forgive them and he had no choice but to leave me and come. That night he had to leave on a mission which could cost him his life, so in order to make me lead a happy life he had to bluff that he never loved me, which he did with great difficulty and a lot of help with the dim lighting. However he always loved me from the moment he saw me splashing water on him. He had written about every single conversation that we had in the past month, it made me feel crazy and mad as to how he was able to bluff that way to me.

 Suddenly, the door opened. 

 (to be continued)

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