Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter - 4)

Chapter 4 - Fair trip went Fair

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”I have 2 tickets for the fun fair tomorrow, if you are free, can I pick you up by 3?”

Still I never knew how I managed to say a yes and get inside my home. Yet again Ellen dragged me back from my dreams, but this time with his phone call. Only he is capable of that. Sigh!
“Cathy … wow what took you so long to get back home? Usually you’ll be back home by 5 minutes max. It’s almost three-quarter hours and got I got worriedly sick about you.” He was laughing, insanely.
I was happy to hear him laugh, and then I realized the reason and had to barge in to talk; Julie was laughing in the background.
“El, EL ELL! ELLEN! Shut up!! Shhh …” He grasped for breath when I made my move, “Jeff is truly amazing, and does he know me? Because when you introduced us, you were like well you know her.”
“Oh! That … He was the person who took all your calls when I was in the hospital there and even before that blast I’ve told him about you.” Sounds C.O.O.L.
“Sergeant Major? Was that Jeff? Why didn’t it strike me earlier! And El, on favor! Ask Julie to stop laughing … man seriously both of you! And hey we are going to fun fair tomorrow!”
“You mean Major and….” And the conversation continued for another hour or so, until I finally slept over the phone.
It was around noon when I finally woke up. In the next few hours, my whole wardrobe was on the floor. I was searching for a dress to wear, Julie joined me too. After an hour and half of varied confusions, I finally settled in for a yellow frock. I tied my hair up, and let curls fall on my shoulder. Since it was a Sunday, the work stress was most minimal, after discussing about our business, Julie left. It was exactly 3 o' clock when my doorbell chimed. An army officer, no wonder is so punctual. Dancing down all the way, I opened the door. He was standing there, behind him was the sun, illuminating him. He wore a blue jean and a cream tee, he had gelled his hair. After the usual talk, we left for the fair.

For a month from then, my life was a living paradise. We went out every other night. As days passed by, we got closer to each other. It was a silent tug by fate; I fell in love with Jeffrey. Yet, I never knew if he had those feeling for me. His eyes bloomed with care every time he saw me. But, he never said a word about love or commitment. He didn’t define the relationship we shared. Out of the blue, he started talking about leaving the town, to serve the country, yet again. He had received a call to resume duty in sometime. It was the last thing I wanted to hear. I knew he had to join the service again and he was on a vacation. But then he wanted to leave the town - PERMANENTLY; he didn’t tell that but I could sense it in the way he spoke.

 (to be continued)

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