Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -6)

Chapter 6 - Reality Strikes Hard

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It was around 2’o clock that I got back to my senses. When I woke up, I saw, so many faces blinking, tearfully above me. I searched for Jeff’s. Pain struck me, he wasn’t there. I managed to get up and look around me. I was in the hospital, Ellen was shattered. Julie said he was blaming himself for my condition, she sounded dead. Both of the newly married couples looked as pale as ghosts and still in their last night’s dress. I didn’t have the strength to see them suffer. I had to come back, at least for my friends. Ellen said he tried to contact Jeff but he was unavailable, and reality took a toll on me.
It took one day more to be back on feet during which I thought a lot. I finally decided on certain things. In my life, I had no time for another man. People needed shelters and I was there to help them out. News was blaring with the government giving grants to re-construct houses. Julie suggested that we could expand our business to our neighboring town. That involved lots of hard work. That was exactly what I needed, to work myself out, so that I don’t have time to think. I started moving in and out of town and let Julie stay with Ellen and looked after business from there.

How much ever I tried, I couldn’t forget him. Jeffrey Frost was the saddest yet the best song that was ever played in my life. Thoughts about him were like air, ever present yet unseen by anyone. I learnt to close my heart so that no one will know what is really happening to me. I started talking less, unless and other-wise necessary. Ellen tried to set me up with other men, whom obviously called me boring. He was furious with me and so was Julie, we fought for many a days. It was about the same issue, I need to go on with my life and not get struck up with Jeff, not to get struck with someone who doesn’t care. I tuned all those talks out of my mind. I knew he did care for me, but I was weak I couldn’t argue anymore. In the shelves below my wardrobe, there were all the memories I had with Jeffrey, his pictures, his gifts and with all that; there was my heart, dead and gone. Never did Ellen and Julie realize that it was never possible to stop loving someone, it would either be you always loved them or you never did. My case was obviously, the former.
Two years passed. Not a whisper from Jeffrey frost. The war was finally over. Our firm was ranked the best in the country; I travelled all over our country looking out for locations, building cost efficient houses with best space utility. Julie mentioned about a town called Viola, in the Northern Province. It was largely affected during the war and needed attention. Since the war stopped, I planned to set out to the little township.

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