Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -8)

Chapter 8 - All was Well

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 Suddenly, the door opened. I thought it was Mrs. Frost

“C-A-T-H-Y” the subtle voice called out, the familiar one, it was Jeff’s.

My eyes yearned to see him, even as I thought, pulsations were set racing into mystified reality. His handsome, elegant frame was carved out of the dark. Those athletic Hands of his lent out to me. My hand rested on his. Subtle with care he brought me close to him. Sweet fragrance swept past us with the cupids work aloft. Embedded against the black star lit night, his caring glance swept all pain from my heart. That small touch made us feel ecstasy.

He spoke, “I pray upon your pure eyes, that makes me melt each time I see you; upon the lips, softer than the red velvet roses; the skin that glows even in this dark; the flowing tresses’, like a river of the night; those hands of yours on which I place mine, I promise to never leave you, my love! The vast oceans, the huge mountains, the varied creations, these seem meaningless without you! I love you! Will you be mine forever?
As we drew our lips apart," Jeff! Without you the day dawns, but without the sun, night sets which is nothing but darkness; you are my sun, who set my heart racing with love, my moon who makes me glow! I love you Jeff!”

Resting on his shoulders, I realized that if he had not left that night the bond we shared would not have deepened also that Jeff was the reason that things never worked out between me and other men, including men whom I met even before Jeff.

Six months from them dressed in white, I married him, just like Ellen and Julie; Jeffery and Catherine were pronounced man and wife. Was it a happily ever life after that?

Well , sounds so, until yet another letter came …

The End

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