Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -2)

Chapter 2 - Life goes on .. Until ..

(Previously in the Story)
Chapter 1 - The First Meeting

 My business was booming; buying houses, refurbishing them and selling them to people. Since it was the post war period, housing was an immediate necessary, especially in my town where nature was at her best. Many of the war survivors were settling down in our town. However, the situation was grim in the northern province of the country- the war scenario had not faded yet.

Ellen Parker was my best friend, right from my high school days; he was the reporter with the NATIONAL TV. The channel sponsored him to go to the war front in the northern frontier; he was to report live from there. It freaked me out. He survived a bomb blast- splinters struck him deep on his right leg. The channel called him back from the front. However, his injuries were bad. The war not only took away his health but also his charm and his way of happy talking.

Julie Hill and I were partners of our real estate firm. She had a great artistic hand and she played with colors with an ultimate ease. Julie was Ellen's fiancée. Their marriage was postponed because of his injury; the situation was grim around me. She was mentally a strong woman - good for her. Unfortunately I could not see things through her eye.
Seeing Ellen being really depressed both of us thought we‘d host a party. It will include all our friends and his new friends from the war. We planned to host the party in our newly re-furbished house. Dual advantage, I thought, Ellen will be happy and it will be my surprise gift to Ellen and Julie that evening. Thus, the party preparations started in full swing!

Finally, it was the party night. Ellen was dressed in a black tuxedo. Julie was in ivory cap sleeved full length evening gown clutched her slender frame. I wore a black spaghetti chiffon V-neck dress. Our dress code was always Ellen and me in the same color while Julie would be in contrast. Ellen was cheering up a great deal; he was having a fantastic evening. Later that evening, he called me and whispered pulling me close to him, “Cathy I’m going to introduce you to my friend, a very young charming gallant officer at the army. You are gonna love him” I laughed, but with the serious look on his face, my mind tuned on to the red-alert frequency.

“Oh! Not that, no… no no! I told you, I do not want a man in my life, at least for the time being. First is your wedding. I’ll ….”

“Shhh… “He silenced me with a finger on my lips. “ Cathy, look at you. I need to take care of my little girl’s life since she isn’t planning to take her own actions”

“El, are you trying to set me up? DON’T try your tricks with me.” and glared at him

He chuckled and pulled me close to him. If anyone would have noticed, they would have realized that he was literally dragging me like an over enthusiastic school kid. Just in case I would have uttered one more no, he would have even carried me all the way. Oh! In fact, Julie did notice this, which I came to know about later that evening – she was all on fours.

Ellen’s friend was standing near the bar; showing his back to us. He was wearing a black tuxedo. Ellen tapped his shoulder. 
He turned. 

(to be continued) ...

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