Sometimes It Just Takes Seconds to Fall in Love (Chapter -3)

Chapter 3 - It's Party Time

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He turned. 
He was the same person whom I met down the alley the other night- knight’s meeting. I was in seventh heaven. Ellen gave him a shallow hug and started exchanging pleasantries. He nudged me at the right time so that I could bounce back to my senses.

“Cathy, this is Jeffrey Frost, Commando Sergeant Major at the army. And Major this is Catherine Roger, well you know her.”

 “His name was Jeffrey Frost .Wait! Did El just say he knew me…how?” I wondered to myself.

It all happened within a matter of seconds. He stepped forward. I lent my right arm, his kissed on my palm making my skin burn and heart beat shoot to a whooping rate. I analyzed him; he was wearing the black tuxedo, with an amber vest and tie, which brought out the color of his eyes. They were alert and sparkling. He had curly hair, which were chocolate brown and it was bouncing in the air. The lights brought out his golden tanned skin in an exceptionally alluring way. He was charming; when he smiled, the shallow dimple deepened and his eyes crinkled. His lips were light colored and thin. Hs hands were rough and his voice was deep. I was feeling like lovesick teenager. That night danced; he was a very good dancer. Ellen and Julie, Jeff and I opened the floor – we waltzed.

The party went on well. I gave them the gift, the house was finally theirs. El was completely shocked while Julie started talking like mad, trying to dissuade it on various grounds. Finally, as always they couldn’t win and they gave in – well who could win a stubborn Taurus in an argument.

Jeff was by my side all evening. We got to know about each other on first names basis, no Major Frost, or Mr. Jeffery, it was just Jeff. Everyone in the party including Ellen addressed him as Major, but he asked me to call as Jeff and not as Major. Perhaps this attraction is only called animal magnetism, I chuckled to myself.
It got really late when we finally decided to leave. Jeff offered to walk me back home. I could hear Ellen cough and do all sorts of crazy things. He seemed his usual crazy mad self, who never shuts his mouth what so ever, no wonder he makes such a good reporter. Kudos NATIONAL TV! You are lucky.

Hand in hand we set out, just Jeff and me. Even though we even danced that evening, this walk was unique; I wasn’t alone with him in the party. It was a long walk, for once I was happy that El’s place and mine were quite far. The moon was high and full, defining beauty in every step.

Don’t lose your head, I kept reminding myself.

He did most of the talking; I was perhaps sleepy or just too drugged by his presence that I couldn’t talk much. Finally, as all good things come to an end, my apartment arrived. I bade him good night and turned to leave.

“Cathy” he called out loud.

I turned and he came near me, very close that I could feel his breath on my face. I had a heart failure.

“Umm hmm...” I mumbled.

He picked the hair strand that blew into my face, tucked it behind my ear, and looked straight into my eyes.That instant I felt a seizure grip me.

”I have 2 tickets for the fun fair tomorrow, if you are free, can I pick you up by 3?”

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(to be continued)

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